When you laughed fully last time?

Regardless of what knowledge one may have of the human heart, one can distinguish perfectly between the innocent laugh and the malicious; between that of the candid person, and that of the person with an ulterior motive; the tenderness of a mother’s laugh as distinct from the tenderness of friends.

When you laughed fully last time?

Do you find it difficult to laugh? Does that at times contribute to a feeling of tiredness and depression? If so, laughter may be an excellent medicine for you. It tends to relax a person, thereby lessening tension and lifting his spirits.

Emotions are known to have a pronounced effect on the body. Anger and rage, for example, can contribute to or even cause such ailments as asthma, skin diseases, ulcers, and digestive troubles.

But the relaxed and jovial frame of mind with laughter can shield one from the bad effects of harmful emotions. Even persons given to rage and morbid fears may laugh at times, but their laughter does not bring lasting relief to them. Individuals who maintain a positive outlook in the face of hardship are the ones who truly reap the rewards.

Benefit to the human body

You might be familiar with the age-old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Interestingly, there is indeed some medicinal value in a hearty laugh.

The heart is one of the vital organs thought to benefit from the massage it gets from laughter. It is significant that laughter has been noted to affect blood pressure. Based on a study, robust laughter was observed to decrease high blood pressure or raise low blood pressure by a margin of ten points or more.

The body’s largest and most vital organ, the liver, is also thought to receive advantages from hearty laughter. While young people maintain their liver health through physical activities like running, jumping, and throwing, hearty laughter can provide assistance in preserving liver health as a person ages.

The fact that laughter has been found to improve digestion evidently indicates that it increases the flow of bile. Then, too, most of the digestive process takes place in the small intestine. Therefore, it seems that laughter also contributes to the beneficial massage received by the small intestine.

Adding laughter dose

Ways to add laughter to your day. Here are a few ways to add laughter to your day

1. Watch something funny

Take a break to watch funny TV show something that tickles your funny bone, whether it’s a silly cat videos, make time to enjoy something you find humorous.

2. Share a joke

Whether it’s an old Dad joke or a series of bad puns, share a few jokes to brighten someone’s day. Alternatively, if you could use a good laugh, request a friend or family member to share some jokes or amusing stories with you.

3. Hang out with a pet

Our furry, feathered and scaly pals are great at delivering laughs. Chase your companion as they scamper around the house, break out the laser pointer or play with their favorite toy.

4. Chat with a friend

When you’re in need of a good laugh, think about getting in touch with a friend who always makes you laugh. You can exchange humorous pictures or reminisce about a funny moment you experienced together. Whether it’s through a video call or a series of light-hearted text messages, connecting with a friend can bring more laughter into your life.

Always laugh when you can. 
It is cheap medicine.” – Lord Byron


Laugh at appropriate times, but more importantly, nurture a pleasant and joyful outlook on life. This, rather than laughter for the sake of it, will not only make you a source of inspiration to others but also bring mental, physical, and emotional benefits to yourself.


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