Getting and Keeping a Job.

A study featured in Senior Scholastic magazine polled several American high school students on their most valued life objectives. A significant 84% highlighted the importance of “Being able to find steady work.”

Perhaps you’re considering the option of an after-school job to contribute to personal or family finances. Nevertheless, the impact of worldwide inflation, coupled with reduced demand for unskilled labor, can present hurdles for young individuals in their quest for employment. So, how can you seamlessly transition into the workforce? What are the keys to obtaining and retaining a job?

School—Vital element

Get a good high school education. The significance of mastering reading, writing, and speaking cannot be overstated. It’s equally vital to learn appropriate etiquette to effectively engage with individuals including in professional setting. Almost every job requires good communication skills, and these are competencies you can hone during your school years.

Where to Find Jobs

A job board is a type of employment website dedicated to hosting job advertisement posted by employers. Job boards can be general or focus on a specific industry like IT, retail, healthcare, or hospitality. Job sites connect employers with potential employees by aggregating listings for open positions.

If you live in a large town or city, try looking in the newspaper or online for help-wanted ads. These advertisements provide insights into the qualifications required for specific jobs, offering valuable information to help you demonstrate to potential employers how you can meet those requirements. Additionally, you can seek guidance from various sources such as parents, teachers, employment agencies, personnel offices, friends, and neighbors to enhance your job-seeking process.

Once you get a job how you can ensure to keeping a job.

How to keep a job

If you’re aiming for job stability or security in your current role, there are several steps you can take to support this goal. The more effort you put into keeping your job, the greater your chances are of staying for a longer duration. Here are a few methods to help you keep a job:

  1. Be ready for Cross-trained

Even if you work in a particular department, it’s helpful to learn how other team’s work. Request cross-training in various areas to be better prepared for when the need arises or in case of staffing shortages. Your willingness to learn new skills or knowledge shows your dedication to the company and helps you grow new skills along the way.

  1. Further your education

As an employee, it’s important to look for ways to grow in your career.

Consider pursuing an advanced degree, enrolling in specialized training, or obtaining a relevant credential in your field. Furthering your knowledge can help you perform your job better and may increase your chances of promotion.

  1. Keep updated skills

Employers want employees who can grow alongside the company. Hence, it’s crucial to invest time in enhancing your skills within your present role. Ensure that your skill set continues to progress over time, contributing to the company’s overall success.

  1. Ask for feedback

While employers often conduct employee performance reviews to help gauge what you’re doing right and wrong, you can always ask your manager about ways to improve. This not only aids in enhancing your capabilities as an employee but also demonstrated to them your keen interest in excelling at your role.

  1. Stay on top of deadlines

Keep track of all project and assignment deadlines and make sure to complete your work by the specified date. Maintaining organizational skills and prioritizing your tasks is essential to ensure timely completion of all responsibilities. Adhering to deadlines not only contributes to the company’s consistent revenue stream but also plays a crucial role in maintaining high levels of productivity.

Still there are some other aspects which will help you to keep your job, which are those?

Get Along with Co-workers

All jobs ultimately involve dealing with other people. Knowing how to maintain good relations with others is thus essential to keeping a job. Doing so can help you avoid needless bickering or heated confrontations on the job.

At times, your colleagues may come from diverse backgrounds and possess personalities that differ from your own. But do not think that someone is inferior because he is different. Respect his right to be different. Nobody enjoys being treated disrespectfully; it can make them feel insignificant. Every individual seeks a sense of belonging and importance; they want to be valued and recognized as somebody. Win the respect of your fellow employees and employer by treating them with respect.

Avoiding Gossip

“It’s a harmful trap,” as engaging in gossip can create a negative perception of your boss or colleagues. Relying on hearsay and rumours from the grapevine is not a reliable source of information and can leave you with a bitter taste. The grapevine often nurtures exaggerated stories that can harm the reputations of both others and your own.

No one likes a complainer. If something is bothering you on the job, don’t broadcast it through the grapevine. Go and talk to your supervisor. However, refrain from storming into his office angrily, only to regret impulsive words later. Also, avoid the snare of personal attacks. Keep to the facts. Be as clear and honest as you can be in describing the problem.

Punctuality Is Important

There are two significant reasons why individuals struggle to maintain employment: late for work and absenteeism from work. An employment and training director said about workers: “They need to learn to get up in the morning, to learn how to take orders. If they never learn these things, it just perpetuates the unemployment syndrome.”

The Value of Honesty

Honesty will help a person keep the job. Being honest includes avoiding not only the stealing of material things but also the stealing of time by taking excessive breaks. An honest employee is valued and trusted.

“Work hard, then, at finding work. Be persistent. Do not give up. Once you’ve fine that job you’ve diligently searched for, exert every effort to maintain it. Discovering satisfaction in your work can significantly enhance your perspective and overall contentment, both within your job and in your personal life.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

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